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We have relocated back to Texas!

To provide the best possible turn around for our customers throughout the USA, as of November 22, 2021 we have relocated back to th Dallas/Ft Worth area. You will get the best possible shipping times when your tooling needs service.

Our New Shipping and Billing Address

6060 Azle Avenue Ste 700-279
Lake Worth TX 76135


Quality Punch and Die Sharpening Increases Tooling Life and Performance

<b>Quality Services Keeps Your Tooling in Top Notch Shape!</b><br />Click Pictures to Expand

Quality Services Keeps Your Tooling in Top Notch Shape!
Click Pictures to Expand

Keeping your punch and dies sharpened ensures that your production is the high quality your customers expect. With properly sharpened punch and dies excessive de-burring is minimized reducing labor costs and producing consistent pieces, allowing subsequent operations to flow smoothly.

Properly sharpened punch and dies produce better end product, minimize labor costs and reduce scrapped metal costs.

Dull and galled tooling also causes jamming of your equipment during punching operations resulting in extended down time and expensive scrapped material.


Getting the Best Results from Punch and Die Sharpening Requires the Right Process and Tools

<b>Poor Quality Punch and Die Sharpening Just Doesn’t Pay!<br />This poorly sharpened tool shows extensive burning and galling still present inside the die.</b>

Poor Quality Punch and Die Sharpening Just Doesn’t Pay!
This poorly sharpened tool shows extensive burning and galling still present inside the die.

Punch press punch and die sharpening is a simple concept that requires much more than meets the eye to be done properly. A CNC water cooled Blanchard style grinding machine and an extensive inventory of specialized abrasives are needed to remove galling and recondition punches and dies to like new condition.

General purpose surface grinders and grinding wheels struggle to machine the hardened tool steel used in turret punch and dies.

Operators try to push the work too fast burning the tool (as seen in the accompanying photo). Once burned the tool loses hardness in the burned layer, resulting in rapid dulling.


Are You Still Having Problems After Sharpening Your Punches and Dies?

If galling is not removed from punches and dies during the sharpening process it will build up to the point where problems start.

Heavy galling on tooling can reduce die clearances causing problems with slugs and heavy galling on punches can cause the punch to hang in the work leading to jams and even equipment damage.

Your sharpening equipment also plays a large part in returning your tooling to like new condition. Multi-purpose surface grinders using generic grinding wheels can burn the work and often leave a less than flat surface resulting in an uneven cutting edge. This edge then rapidly wears and dulls, resulting in poor quality product and scrapped material.

<b>Punch and Dies Sharpened to Perfection!<br />This punch and die set looks like new after quality sharpening by PPTS.</b>

Punch and Dies Sharpened to Perfection!
This punch and die set looks like new after quality sharpening by PPTS.

We Help You Maximize Tooling Life with Consistent, Affordable Punch and Die Sharpening

Punch Press Tooling Solutions provides you with unequaled value in punch and die sharpening services. To earn your business we have focused on providing you with the Convenience, Quality, Cost Control and Productivity Gains you need to Remain Competitive in today's dynamic and ever changing marketplace.

<b>With our One Click email notifications you can let us know if you need service in seconds!</b>

With our One Click email notifications you can let us know if you need service in seconds!

Monthly Service

Each month we will contact you via email, phone or text message. Our email communications include a One Click feature so you can let us know if you need service in less than 10 seconds!

If circumstances change no problem, just let us know and we'll get it taken care of for you!

Need Service More Often? No Problem! We can schedule additional sharpening services if you're extra busy or need something taken care of for a big job.

Don't Need Service Every Month? You Guessed It - No Problem! Our scheduling allows us to provide no minimum quantity service. Just let us know with our easy One Click notification.


No More Last Minute Surprises

No more waiting a month or more only to find out that critical punch or die couldn't even be serviced.

From door-to-door our Mail-In Punch and Die Sharpening Service will take 14 days or less! All work is turned around as quickly as possible (weekends included!) and shipping via FedEx ground will normally return the tooling to you in 3 days or less.

Unserviceable Tooling

If any of your tooling is unserviceable we will contact you that day to let you know so you can get new tooling ordered. We understand the importance of your tooling and strive to provide you the service you want and deserve!

There is NO CHARGE to you if we find a tool cannot be serviced!


Quality - We Guarantee It!

If you are not absolutely satisfied with our punch and die sharpening just let us know. We'll either make it right or refund the price of the service. No if's, and's, but's or questions about it! We promise to treat you the way you would like to be treated by all your vendors.

Our Service Process

Every tool we service goes through an 8 Step Process to ensure your satisfaction with each and every tool we service. Each step in the process ensures that we remove the minimum height from the tool to deliver the maximum life possible from your valuable tooling.


1) Clean and De-Grease

Dirt, grime and grease are removed in preparation for inspection and de-galling.

2) Out of Tolerance Check

The clean tool is measured and an initial estimate of the amount of machining is required to ensure the tool can be sharpened.

3) Remove Galling/Polish Work Surfaces

Using our multi-step stoning and polishing process galling is removed and the tool is polished to reveal cracks and defects.

4) Pre-Machining Assessment

With the galling removed the tool is precisely measured to ensure that the sharpened tool will remain within tolerance after sharpening

Tolerance is based on your specification or the manufacturer's recommendations (when available).

5) CNC Sharpen

The tool is machined on our DCM-Tech CNC Punch and Die Grinder with the appropriate composite grinding wheel running is a constant stream of coolant and adjusted to prevent burning of the tool.

6) De-Burr and Final Inspect

The tool is de-burred using specialized abrasives, final polished and inspected to ensure a like new punch or die.

7) Corrosion Protection

The completed tool is lightly coated with an anti-corrosive to prevent oxidation before use.

8) Securely Pack and Ship

The completed tool is carefully packaged for return shipping.


Out of Tolerance Tooling

If you do not have a specification for your tooling and none is available from the manufacturer we will be happy to sharpen your tooling and let you check it to make sure it works for you. In the rare instance where you have a tool that won't work for you once sharpened just let us know, we'll refund or credit your invoice right away!

All we ask is to either have you measure the tool or return it to us at your convenience and we'll use it to create a minimum specification in our tracking system for your tools.


Control Costs and Maximize Productivity

We know that controlling costs and maximizing productivity are key considerations when you look to outsource your tooling maintenance. At PPTS our sharpening program focuses on the following to help you achieve your goals.

Flat Rate Pricing

Click Here to see our full flat rate pricing information.

We make your budgeting easy with our Flat Rate pricing structure. The pricing structure is simple and based on the surface diameter/area of the tooling being sharpened. You'll find our rates are ultra-competitive for tooling service and un-beatable when you see the Quality of Our Work!


Increased Productivity

Put your production employees back to work on production jobs!


A Special Note to Shops That Sharpen Their Own Tooling

You may be surprised to find that many of our best customers used to sharpen in-house!

While it may have seemed counter-intuitive to them at first, they found that by letting us provide the high quality service they needed they were able to make much more profitable use of the personnel who previously did the sharpening.

Here's why it makes more sense for us to do your sharpening:

1) You Probably Have a Key Man Doing the Sharpening

Your tooling is a major investment and most shops are going to have one of the best shop employees handling the job of servicing this asset. Not only do you need to calculate labor cost on a higher wage employee, you also need to consider the lost profitability on the time spent doing this work.

2) We're Specialized - Just Like You

Your shop makes money on production and if you're like most shops you're really good at a fairly narrow niche in your industry. THAT’S where you make your money. When you take a key man and have him sharpen tooling a couple of times a month he's probably doing good to sharpen 2 or 3 tools an hour, and that's usually when important parts of the process, such as removing galling are skipped.

We specialize in turret punch press punch and die service - It's All We Do! With years of knowledge behind us we've have processes in place that easily allow us to average 8 to 12 tools per hour, day in and day out.

And when we're sharpening tooling it doesn't cost you anything in loss productivity! In fact in almost every case you're productivity will increase because the tooling we sharpen will last longer and work better!


You Have a LOT TO GAIN by Trying Our Service!


PPTS is making a Special Offer to all Manufacturers and Fabricators - You can now Take Advantage of Highest Quality Onsite Punch Press Tooling Service Available - With Absolutely NO RISK!

We Will Sharpen As Many Tools as You Need to Fully Compare Our Sharpening Services to Yours - And If You Don't Agree We're The Best Deal You've Ever Seen for Punch and Die Sharpening - IT's FREE!

Yes! You read that right! If you don't agree we're the absolute best way you've ever seen to get your punch and dies sharpened just tell us!
We'll thank you for the chance to show you what we can do and then rip the invoice up!

(Yeah, we really do think we're that good!)

If you decide you like what you see pay the invoice (you'll have 30 days) and we'll put you on our growing customer list!


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Fully Equipped to Get The Job Done Right - Right Now!

Our shop is designed specifically to sharpen punch press punch and dies! Every well lit square inch is devoted to providing the absolute best sharpening and reconditioning of your tooling. The layout is designed for clear and concise workflow so you get your tooling back in like new condition - FAST.

DCM-Tech PDG - Punch and Die Sharpening Blanchard Style Grinder

The Right Equipment for the Job

The shop is built around the DCM-Tech PDG Turret Tooling Punch and Die Grinder. This blanchard style grinder is the standard to which all punch and die sharpening machines are measured, and none can compare. This purpose built machine uses the exacting engineering standards and components used in DCM's machines for manufacturing Turbine Engine Components and Aircraft Brake Rotors!